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Alexander Shalom NJ Supreme Court Advocate

June 28, 2021 Jeff J Horn
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Alexander Shalom NJ Supreme Court Advocate
Show Notes

Alexander R. Shalom - Director of Supreme Court Advocacy - ACLU-NJ

Alex has handled over 200 cases before the NJ Supreme Court and argued 70 cases.

Before joining the ACLU-NJ, Alex worked as an Assistant Deputy Public Defender in Essex County. Prior to that, he served as "capital cases" Law Clerk for Hon. Deborah J. Poritz, Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court. In 2017, the New Jersey Law Journal named him the Attorney of the Year. He is a fellow at the American Academy of Appellate Lawyers.

American Academy of Appellate Lawyers

Hot cases discussed:

State v Zuber -  long juvenile sentences - the issue from Zuber and Comer is headed back to the NJ Supreme Court in tandem with State v. Zarate.

During the Pandemic - the NJ Public Defender’s Office, the ACLU, the NJ Attorney General and NJ Prosecutor’s Association worked together to fashion protocols that led to the release of @ 5,000 people incarcerated in NJ jails and prisons. The March 2020 consent order and following NJ Supreme Court opinions are linked here:

Consent Order - March 23, 2020 - release of certain county jail inmates

Modify Sentences

Certain Detainees

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