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Act of Treachery

July 05, 2021 Jeff J Horn
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Act of Treachery
Show Notes

1. State v. Craig Szemple - Denial of post-conviction discovery for a Murder that occurred in 1975, Trial #1 in 1992 and Trial #2 in 1994 - The chilling poetic words fo the Defendant:

“My first hit was an Act of Treachery.

 The ultimate deceit.

 4 bullets in the back

 1 in the neck

 and a broken promise made at the parting of an oncoming river.”

These words - written to the Defendant’s wife, in a note revealed to the State by the wife’s father.

Robert Marshall - Blind Faith - Miniseries

2. TEAM Charter Academy Renewal -  The Commissioner of Education must consider multiple actors impacting the entire school district and provide its analysis in approving and renewing Charter School applications:

  • Potential segregative effect
  • Demographic composition
  • Children with Disabilities / special education
  • English language learners

3. Simmons v. Mercado - OPRA Case against the Millville Police Department - takeaway:

The CDR-1 - the Complaint Disposition Record is a public record and in the possession of the Police. Requests for the CDR-1 is Not a request for “research” proscribed by OPRA.

4. JK v. NJ Parole Board - International Parole, Community Supervision for Life and the AG parts company with its own client - the NJ Parole Board.